May 28, 2016

Hi, today, my dad did some barbecueing and we’re all outside. Awesome, school holidays, no more of that boring stuff. I mean it might not be boring for you but it’s boring for me. Social Studies: Worst subject ever! Wow, I really hate it, so boring cooped up inside all day listening to things that have to do with Social Studies. Enough of that, the pool’s opening on Monday!!!!!! Oh wow, I have waited for this for like forever. It’s so boring when you don’t get to swim. I just need to be outside, wich I already am. Well, it’s been a pretty boring day other than the fact that I’m almost finished with the third book in the Land of Stories.           Special Shoutout to: Sophie Liang who suggested the series for me!




Well, that’s it for today, see you next time!


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I live in Indiana, I love dolphins and the color red. I also love Harry Potter and lettuce. Plus I go to Sycamore School. Yeah, I love a lot of weird things, and I am SO OBSESSED with BUCKBEAK AND MINECRAFT!!!!

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