May 29, 2016

Hi guys, tomorrow, the pool is open!!! Can’t  wait! Since I’m Indian, I went to the temple. I kind of had fun.You should have seen the gods there. They were covered in garlands……well in other words, the looked beautiful. While we were barbecueing yesterday, I was playing with a balloon and I accidentally left it outside. And now there is bugs crawling all over it. Okay, it’s not my fault. I forgot a lot of things like balloons,  pencils,……….okay, so you get the idea right.



Well, that’s it for today, see you next time on ritiwordpress! 


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I live in Indiana, I love dolphins and the color red. I also love Harry Potter and lettuce. Plus I go to Sycamore School. Yeah, I love a lot of weird things, and I am SO OBSESSED with BUCKBEAK AND MINECRAFT!!!!

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