Plastic Bottle Village

I am sorry that I didn’t post for the last two days, I was kinda busy. So I am very sorry about that and I am not going to do today’s post either, that’s right, I am going to take a break.

So the news for today is that Panama is building a plastic bottle village!!!! Each home will have a cage full of ¬†plastic bottles that are then covered in a concrete mix. The Village will be built on 83 acres of land with hilltops, valleys, and water streams. “The style of building takes a green approach and the owners of the properties will share a conscious, earth friendly shift in their way of living, ” according to Bezeau. ” We will be living inside of what we have consumed and thrown away, and will re-construct those materials into modern, stylish, and quality built residencies.


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I live in Indiana, I love dolphins and the color red. I also love Harry Potter and lettuce. Plus I go to Sycamore School. Yeah, I love a lot of weird things, and I am SO OBSESSED with BUCKBEAK AND MINECRAFT!!!!

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